Saturday, March 04, 2006

Lent in Protestantism

I am still amazed at the growth of liturgical renewal. As a liturgically inclined United Methodist I become frustrated often. I would like our church to become more faithful to our liturgical tradition. Yet when I talk to earlier generations of pastors they all tell me how far we have moved towards the liturgical tradition in the last 30 years. The article regarding Lenten practice in protestantism is an example of this move.

My question now is: Where now? Liturgical practice is now becoming part of churches that traditionally had rejected anything "liturgical." What does it mean that they are embracing some aspects of the liturgical tradition? Where do we, as decendants of a liturgical tradition, take the movement?

It seems to me that although we have become "more liturgical" we have not allowed the liturgy to become formational. In other words the idea of lex orandi lex credendi is not the case in many parts of the liturgical church.

Is this the case? What can we do to allow our congregations to be formed through liturgy? What do you think?

More later.

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