Thursday, January 26, 2006


I recently had a conversation about the nature of preaching with my Sr. Pastor. The essence of the conversation related to the growing trend in preaching (especially in the mega church) of speaking to people's needs--e.g. fear, self-esteem, relationships, vocational choice etc.

I do not think the gospel speaks to people's needs in this way. Instead the preacher proclaims the gospel in a "midrashic" way. This approach helps people connect and understand the text in their setting. It speaks to their needs but more importantly it reminds them of their claimed story-- of "the things of baptism"-- as we have been talking about.

Our perceived needs are not ignored in this kind of preaching. What takes place is a re-centering (conversion, transformation) of our lives that allows for all of our lives to be changed. Through the peeling of the layers of scripture we find ourselves, we identify ourserlves and we are faced with our need for God and for God's community called the church.

So, Josh , what's your take?

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