Thursday, January 12, 2006

On the Quotes

Part of what started this conversation is a desire to re-define the pastoral office for this generation and for the future. As "Liturgical Nerds" that we are we believe that a redifinition does not necessarily need to look to the future but can look to the ancient tradition to help ground us today. What does it mean to be a pastor? How is does a pastor live his/her vocation? These are only two of the questions that seem to be important to the current discussion.

I agree with Lathrop that somehow the pastor's task is rooted in worship. Worship is the center of the Christian community reminding us of who we are and empowering us for Christian living in the world. Yet it seems that few churches see themselves in these ways so I wonder if we need to begin this question not with the pastor or with a theology of the clergy instead we might begin with ecclesiology and go from there.

I am writing as a United Methodist, male, hispanic, serving in a predominately anglo congregation in Louisiana. These influences and environment shape my understanding and are important for you to understand where I am coming from.

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