Tuesday, July 08, 2008


You know that Mortimer Arias' book on evangelization (not evangelism) is focused around the reign of God. Interesting that Christianity Today's most recent article on the Christian Vision Project describes an evangelism tool which incorporates the Kingdom of God into its 4 step plan.

At the Fourth of July parade there were a number of people (including 1 sitting close to us) handing out water in the name of Jesus & their church, with a sticky label on it giving a brief rundown of how to come to Jesus. Aside from the lack of reference to water until the 3rd & final prooftext, it just struck me as more of the same. If you're handing out bottles of water to people you don't know, why not ramp up the creativity? Connect the mission of Jesus--living water--to what is going on when you hand out a bottle of water. Why not connect it to a mission/justice project involving water?

All I'm saying is that we ought to be about getting creative in our evangelism--Scripture usage, metaphors & cultural connections, missions & social justice all need to play a part. Let's get out and do it.

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