Friday, December 28, 2007


Maybe Jesus had it right after all! In calling a group of sinful people, flawed people
to be him in the world, Jesus knew what he was doing:

Only broken people could reach out to broken people,
sick people to sick people,
blind to blind,
lame to lame,
mute to mute,
imprisoned to imprisoned,
hungry to hungry,
naked to naked,
marginalized to marginalized,
victim to victim,
victimizer to victimizer,
sinner to sinner.

Maybe Jesus knew that in our struggle
for peace, justice and restoration
the biggest enemy was in the mirror.

Maybe this called out people will see each other
and see themselves,
will see each other and see Christ . . .

Maybe this called out people will want to let others know
that they too are called out,
they too are good,
they too are loved,
they too are beloved,
they too are holy,
they too are God's own.

Maybe this is why thanksgiving is at the center of this gathering,
maybe the broken spillness is the mirror where the called out people see themselves
and are reminded of the plight,
of the need,
of the hunger . . .


Feast of the Holy Innocents 2007


Unknown said...

Touchiing. How true that only the wounded can fully understand the wounded.

Unknown said...

First, did you write this? Whether you did or not, I wish I had your way with words. I hope that you will continue to write so that others may share. I love to hear you think.

I agree that God knew what he was doing. If we would only follow his example.